Saturday, May 29, 2010



Catherine of Braganza probably did not intend for tea time to be such a smutty affair.



Eroticised "Bushy Bride"


An illustration of Abjornsen and Moe's "Bushy Bride," a Norwegian fairy tale. I perused several classic fairy tales before choosing Bushy Bride; almost all were better in their original version, but a small part of my childhood died after reading that the Little Mermaid kills herself instead of marrying the Prince.

The Chariot


This is a design for the Chariot tarot card, symbolic of a challenge or victory. In my imagining of the Chariot, the man is the anti-hero of the traditional representation. Sitting in a wheelchair (a modern chariot to cart around the gluttonous and slothful gamer), he lamely raises his arm in triumph over beating the highest level in Mario while two sloths (the foils of the lions usually seen at the feet of the man riding the chariot) lounge and pick their nose at his side.

Robin Hood and His Sexually Liberating Tights